Monday, May 25, 2009 ---- một phong cách trẻ trung.

Bạn muốn tạo cho mình một phong cách riêng?

-Bạn muốn người khác hỏi chuyện bạn ?
-Bạn bước vào một buổi tiệc. Bạn đi một mình, không ai quen ngoài người bạn đã mời bạn tham dự. Căn phòng thật nhộn nhịp,và rất nhiều người. Mọi người đang tụ tập từng nhóm nói chuyện với nhau thật hào hứng.
bật mí:

Còn bạn, bạn đứng 1 mình, dựa vào tường, tay cầm ly nước và lặng nhin quan sát.
_ Bạn thấy lạc lõng trong buổi tiệc sao?
_ Bạn muốn nói chuyện mà không biết bắt đầu với ai, như thế nào?
_ Bạn nhút nhát, bạn thích người khác bắt chuyện với bạn?
_ Bạn muốn mọi người nhớ tới bạn, ấn tượng về bạn?
_ Bạn muốn mọi người biết bạn là ai, và bạn đại diện cho điều gì?
_ Bạn muốn thể hiện cá tính, phong cách của bạn, tổ chức của bạn???
_ Làm thế nào để biểu đạt sự tự hào khi bạn tham gia 1 tổ chức, hay sự nhiệt huyết, đoàn kết trong tổ chức của bạn??

Bạn muốn sự đơn giản trong giao tiếp????
Bạn muốn người khác biết BẠN LÀ AI???
Hãy để chúng tôi giúp bạn!

Với Mục đích "Thể hiện phong cách, cá tính riêng của mỗi cá nhân, tập thể". Chúng tôi cung cấp ÁO ĐỒNG PHỤC, ÁO NHÓM, ÁO CLB, ÁO CHO CÁC TỔ CHỨC...

Với thiết kế Sáng tạo, quy trình Đơn giản, Tiện Lợi, Chất lượng Đảm bảo, Gía cả hơp lý.Đó chính là sự lựa chọn tối ưu nâng cao lợi nhuận, lòng tự hào, Cá Tính, Phong Cách cho chính Bạn và tổ chức của mình
bật mí:

'Tôi đã đựoc rất nhiều bạn hỏi thăm, và bắt chuyện khi tôi mặc áo đại diện của tổ chức mình. Họ hỏi thăm về Tổ chức, về tôi. Tôi đã có những mối quan hệ thật thú vị. Điều tôi muốn nói ở đây, nó giúp bạn gần gũi hơn, sự giao tiếp đơn giản hơn khi họ biết 1 chút về bạn, cá tính của bạn. Thật tuyệt vời! Một điều thú vị là có những người nhớ hình ảnh của tôi mà không biết tên tôi ^.^ "




Monday, January 5, 2009

Thinking positive

by fasa
Introduction of positive thinking
Think of 1 seeds, it is like a tiny light. streamlined contains all the potential there. A thought like that, 1 think 1 seeds giong.mot seeds can bring all the positive or negative depending on the mood, attitude and our way. Thoughts create emotions and attitudes, the combination of these is called awareness. awareness is the ability to think, argue, for livestock and the land. nhugnx all this began only 1 thinking. We have stopped h to observe the thinking has not. We have never thought to put the exclamation 1 for thinking of us have not. Most of us are allowing them to run accounting Available, wandering into mo ngoc Alley in mind CTA. The thoughts fall fabrics, not control the vehicle as 1 release quickly. Unless we can win again, if you will not have accidents. a psychological not fully control the stress worry, this can cause more damage. we need to stop if we want to mind activity 1 naturally. The nature of the natural mind is peace, and 1 mind peace will bring lucidity. when we look at the way through 1, 1 will not waste what little we know by savings in terms of spirit. I do not mind being the husband by the heavy thinking is not necessary. Damaging disease of the mind is thought excessive, especially thinking too much about other people. We do what we should do, probably the one to do, they say what we want them to say what, why they just say so, the thinking .. This may wear the interjection natural capital in our mind. Thinking too much and eating too much. oppressiveness cause we can not maintain the fast and lightweight flexible. I was stuck on the minutiae, and has the minutiae this become the handsome but we do not put out attractive. when we think too much usually blowing phồng and the reaction is too. And so we are creating negative emotions. will observe a lot better than absorbed by all probably, feelings and attitudes of others. As well as participation excessive or unreasonable reaction. The observations bring us consciously to think and act appropriately. observing create 1 focuses on the way of capital allows us to see the truth. we will be affected by words and ideas of others. To bring the peace back to our mind the need of the direction of. the journey will help you get the army and not waste effort. We think how you will recognize as the way, and chta nthuc life ntn the CTA will like it, if we bring in 1 seed in the morning thinking and positive and focus on this thought. You put it in force for similar solar energy grants for trees on the ground. And like the seed on the ground getting up, moving and growing. The thought that we also focus on getting up, you move, and start growing. So we see the positive thoughts. every morning before we start the process 1 day of our visit we began to sit in silence and disseminate peace. Peace is the harmony and averaged, peace is freedom, freedom to escape the burden and waste. Let peace find roofs of it in us. Peace is the power of the original one, is still no word in the existence of one. Let your thoughts start your day simply is peace. In this seed, water it with attention and you will be gặt composure.
Relax - physical
You sit comfortably, we breathe deeply and xua tan any tension in the body and mind it. I sometimes think about our feet. We relax in the foot sometimes. Please allow us are feeling quietly and comfortably. You think about your feet is one sua preclude any tension in your feet you. I think the death of us, we allow all here to relax and quietness. we focus on our chest, and we feel we are breathing. Breath we become still and easily. With every breath we feel oneself to be safe and more relaxed. We sua preclude any stress on the shoulder sometimes. One is to face and relax completely. You think about your arm, mind you quietness and peace. I enjoy the feeling of relaxation this.
Music - Relaxing 1:
Relax - check thoughts:
Sometimes I think too fast, can not control is making my mind the stir, can cause stress. sometimes think my record remorse about the past, or worry about the future. But now Giời when I sit quietly who take control of your thoughts. I realize that I can drive a leo, and guided my thinking, is that I create thinking. And now I think the direction they go to the heart. In my 1 Choose special quietness and stability. I travel on this, the heart of my own. I like 1 gold fulgurate beautiful. I - why am a peace and quietness. I see me, why am peace and quietness this. Full strength and courage. I know that whether any of what happened around me, I just directed attention to the mind, focus on why this morning and stability in peace and quietness.
Music - relax 2:
Relax-through to go:
I noticed, I usually carry the thinking is not necessary to the past. I keep these thoughts in that head. thoughts prevent this for me is the peace of heart. Giời I imagine the ocean shore 1 pillowy A beautiful. sun flash on the water. since it was at, my mind as oceans away 1 A, 1 oceans of peace. Such thinking is not necessary, the negative thoughts and think about the interests of the past have caused the storm in my mind. As quong room on the ocean, the storm caused this element of any security. Giời I focused on the oceans. The sun rays of sunshine dancing on water. sun sun Sparkling as thousands of members diamonds. When Muong to the ocean shore, I fill your mind with thoughts of my still, the gentle. Motlan again my mind has become a quiet oceans A. An ocean of peace. I was free. Freedom exit manacle chains of the past, mild group, peace.
Relax - stress reduction:
I sit comfortably, at this time here, I think about difficult situations or cause stress that I encounter in life. I recognize the difficulties in the cause or the stress situations which I recently made the most stress. perhaps because it was that I experienced pain, anger, or your troubles. now my mind to step away from this situation. I consider the situation as 1 objective observation, I recognize that what I do not control. I listed these in mind. Maybe including the I want to control other people. I can impact the others can not control them are. I realize that, if I keep thinking about what not control it I will be more stressful than feeling more hopeless. I yield to accept what does not control and I was not myself to have to think about the futility it again. now in my mind will only focus on what I can control. in this situation can be thoughts or actions by me, may be the heat with my people. I listed the things I can control, and first in my determination to focus attention and effort on their aspects of control. this will help me easily through vuoitj more difficult. And when practice this all day I see evidence that the stress level by reducing my mind and I gently over.
I breathe in the chest still. I breathed into the peace. I overlooked group. I am confident that I can go through any challenges, which happened to me. I am confident, I'm sober.
Relax - the power of the mind:
The positive thoughts I have been made to increase the power of me. As in the past I have been to the negative thoughts as exhausted the resources of their own. Now, while sitting here, my determination to create thoughts feeding me strong. I can overcome these challenges with the stability and the application and sober.